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Bill Bergeman


10 Methods for Immediately Turning On An Abundant Mindset

    1. Switch from speaking about things you hate to speaking about things you love.

    2. Consider someone who got out of a far worse situation than you are in and became a better person for it.

    Some examples include Viktor Frankl, John McCain, Charlie Plumb, and Alistair Urquhart.

    3. Make a list of five things you wish you had, or that you regret losing. Then, write a list of 20 things you are grateful you have right now.

    4. Be kind to someone.

    It always blows me away how being kind to someone makes me feel like the world is ripe full of possibility.

    5. Write a list of 10 ideas for how to proactively solve your biggest problem. Then go do one of them.

    6. Visit a cemetery.

    Being reminded of death is perhaps the best way to wake up to life. It helps to read the tombstones that have additional information about a person's life.

    7. Start the 21-day complaint-free challenge.

    Google it.

    8. When you find yourself ruminating over a past regret, pivot to thinking about one fun and interesting thing you can do today.

    9. Go out to a public place and smile at each person who passes you by.

    10. Take a nap.

    Sometimes the feeling of scarcity comes simply from not having a lot of energy.

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