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10 Mind-Bending Games for the puzzle lovers among us

I've been jazzing up my lazy Saturday with a few lateral thinking puzzles, so I figured I'd write today's list on some fun alternatives! A lot of these can be played either alone or in group settings.

    1. Lateral Thinking Puzzles

    The inspiration for this list. I love these, but I feel like I've gone through most of the fun ones that are on the internet! Maybe I'll write a book of them myself...

    2. Brain Teasers

    An almost unlimited array of fun.

    3. Logic Problems

    One thing I like about logic problems is that they come in a variety of difficulty levels. There's something for everyone.

    4. Riddles

    Riddles often involve wordplay, which is one of my favorite concepts.

    5. Sudoku

    I'm not a big sudoku fan, but I know many people love it.

    6. Wordle

    If only you could Wordle more than once per day!

    7. Tangrams

    For those of us who are more visual thinkers.

    8. Crossword Puzzles

    No matter how much I try, I just can't seem to get very good at these

    9. Mazes

    I like the live-action version of these (aka corn mazes) the best, but the paper version is fun too.

    10. Trivia

    Okay, so maybe trivia isn't exactly a puzzle, but I think clues can be devised in a way to make them seem puzzle-like.

    Admittedly, I needed a 10th element to my list and was struggling, so "trivia" will have to do for now :D

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