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10 minor pet peeves that just bug me

I try not to complain too much in general, because I don't think it's productive. For today though, please indulge the drama of this list, written mostly for catharsis.

    1. The unfortunate pronunciation of "Uranus" in English

    Uranus is a noble planet, named after the ancestral and mythological father. He represents the whole sky (even in modern Greek, "ουρανος" aka "Uranus" means sky). I find it to be a great injustice that such a majestic God has to suffer from juvenile mockery over the pronunciation of his name in English.

    2. The fact that I can't pay for the bus with my phone/ a credit card

    I'm talking about the MBTA (Boston's public transportation network) in particular. It's annoying to have to go out of my way to 1) find a subway station where I can load up my MBTA card or 2) bring cash in case I need to take the bus. It's also 2022, so I don't think this is an unreasonable request.

    3. Chocolate brown suits

    imho, chocolate brown suits look good maybe 3% of the time.

    4. Plants that are easily overwatered

    All I want is to take care of you, but you won't let me!

    5. The fact that my smallest, lowest-revenue-generating clients at work are the neediest

    I'd like to be able to give my most valuable clients most of my attention, but instead I face this unfortunate inverse relationship.

    6. Giant, ferocious dogs named Tiny

    I guess this is still kind of funny, but it seems overdone.

    7. Too much mayo on sandwiches

    I always run the other way when I see mayo oozing out of sandwiches. Not only does it take away from whatever other flavors are present, but it's also not good for you. Do I have a personal vendetta against mayo? Yes, but I think everyone could benefit from less of it in their lives.

    8. Movies/shows that are so dark you can barely see what's happening

    I always think of Game of Thrones, but I feel like this has been happening a lot lately. Maybe I should look into the settings on my TV.

    9. When the AC is so high that I have to wear a sweater in the middle of the summer

    I know, this isn't exactly a "hot take."

    10. The "ith" sound in words

    I just find it to be a particularly cacophonous cluster.

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