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10 mistakes I made when doing my own plumbing work

This is a simple clogged drain. I have done about a half dozen plumbing projects before so I felt pretty confident. Thanks to taking 10x longer longer than I thought and using some expressive vocabulary I did get it finished.

Here's a picture of my supervisor Daisy.


    1. Doing my own plumbing work.

    I am living in a rental house. All I had to do was make a phone call.

    2. Thinking that I would be done in 10 minutes

    3. Thinking that the 40 year old parts would just unscrew

    No, they snapped

    4. Thinking I could remove the locking nut

    Had to dremel cut it

    5. Thinking that the cheap replacement part from Amazon would be a perfect fit because it was the same brand


    6. Not taking 5 minutes to put everything under the sink into a box so that I would have room to work

    Nope. "Worked around it"

    7. Not having a bucket under the sink when testing it.

    The bucket was at least in the same room

    8. Not taking 5 minutes to rig up some sort of ramp and blankets so that I could get where I needed comfortably

    9. Not having all my tools from the beginning

    Had to go out to the garage 4 times

    10. thinking the rest of the drain system counld keep up with a full force overflow scenario for testing.

    Almost had a big flood.

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