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10 Mistakes I’ve made while Cooking and Baking

I love cooking and baking, but getting to edibiltiy has been quite a journey. Here are a few quick tricks with outsized impact that I’ve learned along the way.

    1. Not salting the pasta water enough

    Well-salted water is key to making pasta taste great. But, what does “well-salted” really mean? In this case, the answer is surprising: as salty as the ocean!

    2. Forgetting to use yogurt in my chicken marinade

    Yogurt made such a difference to my marinades. It makes the chicken so much softer, and the flavor is absorbed so well.

    3. Putting too much oil in the pan when making eggs

    This makes the eggs too slimy and takes away from their taste.

    4. Forgetting to put lemon on my fruit salad

    Lemon gives a fresh, citrusy taste to fruit. Plus, it stops fruit from turning brown!

    5. Not toasting my bagels/sandwich bread

    Toasting makes a world of difference.

    6. Cooking sauce and food on the stovetop at high heat

    In most cases, low and slow is the way to go!

    7. Overbaking my cookies

    I really learned this one the hard way. Cookies always continue cooking for a few minutes after you take them out of the oven.

    8. Preparing my tea in the wrong order

    The order is so important here: teabag, hot water, sugar, let sit for a bit, and THEN cream. NB. this is for black tea only

    9. Putting too little oil in my salad dressing

    Through trial and error, I’ve discovered that my preferred ration of oil to vinegar is 5:1.

    10. Forgetting to top off my dishes with fresh herbs

    Fresh herbs make a world of difference and can enhance the flavor of any dish!

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