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10 Moments from My Sports and Athletics Past That Shaped My Future

10 Moments from My Sports and Athletics Past That Shaped My Future

    1. PR Deadlift of 450 lbs at a charity event (I beat it with 460 last year)

    2. Knocking a huge defensive end clean on his ass with a clean kick out block in football (HS, varsity, I’m 5’9” he was 6’2”)

    3. When my special teams coach made me the wedge buster on kickoff (HS football)

    I asked "Why me?" knowing I was neither the biggest or fastest guy on the team.

    Coach: "Because you're fucking crazy and I know you'll go hit them as hard as you can every time."

    4. Getting pinned like it was my job in wrestling

    It taught me two things:

    1. laziness is a disease - not wanting to drop weight to compete at a more advantageous class meant I was always at a disadvantage. This is a red ocean strategy. 

    2. Losing sucks, but there are those times you dig into your guts and find a way to smash an opponent much bigger than you. You can do this more often than not and you have no choice later in life. You don't get to pick your opponents all the time.

    5. Accidentally beaning a kid with a fastball in little league after a real rough start

    You could see the stitches from the baseball in his ribs. I thought I killed him. He was such a nice kid, too. After that I kind of loosened up and played better. It taught me that the worst that can happen isn't that bad and you will work through it. I think I bought him a snowcone after the game. He was fine, too. I hope he's doing well these days

    6. Shooting par on the 18th at Erin Hills

    My first 9 was horrid (63), the back 9 was a miracle (47). I put on the golf hole of my life in that final trial. Huge drive, overly aggressive but ultimately successful fairway wood, short on the approach leaving a putt from the fringe for birdie, and lipping the putt out (!!!) leaving a short par tap in. Crazy performance but I learned that everybody has that spark of greatness in them, if you can only fan it for a moment, it might turn into an inferno of raging success.

    7. Getting a 7th Place ribbon in a wrestling tournament

    I still have it.

    It made me so mad I wanted to vomit (again).

    It was the first time I realized participation trophies were bullshit and that's not how life works.

    8. Noticing my body transform for the first time after consistent lifting

    9. My first marathon finish

    Rock and Roll Las Vegas 2014. Running the strip at night. Felt crazy and liberated and like nothing could stop me. Ever.

    10. The time I got the mini golf ball in the bonus hole on the Ocean City, NJ boardwalk

    Pirate golf. Nobody ever wins those free games! I did it! And I actually used it, too!

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