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10 more short pieces of life advice

    1. Three key money skills: getting money, saving money, growing money

    Focus on diversifying your income, spend less than you make, and invest in index funds

    2. Learn to sell

    There is no skill that is more important.

    3. Learn to cook for yourself

    Even a few simple dishes helps you save money and you can impress friends.

    4. If you want to look good, spend money on well fitting clothes (not necessarily expensive clothes)

    5. A warm pair of socks on a cold day is a great way to start the day

    6. If you want to motivate yourself to do something (learn a new hobby, develop a skill), hang around those type of people

    7. When you buy cheap, the only time you'll feel good is when you buy that item

    8. Make it easy to do good things and make it hard to do bad things

    If you're trying to kick junk food, hide the junk food deep in a cabinet so it's out of sight and out of mind. Or if you're trying to avoid distractions on your smartphone, put your smartphone in another room.

    9. If you're finding it too hard to start a habit, you should start smaller.

    Instead of running 1k, run 10 meters. Instead of writing 1 page, write 1 sentence.

    10. In most cases, asking a question is better than stating opinions

    If someone made a mistake, "did you mean ...?" If someone insulted you in a meeting "did you say that I"m a ...?" If you are making a request "could you help me with...?" instead of "get my wallet"

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