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10 More things I learned from Novelist as a Vocation by Haruki Murakami

I was about to put this book down but the second half really has some gems for people involved in creative pursuits!


    1. Physical fitness is an important part of a creative pursuit especially as one ages

    2. Writing Process: looks a lot like hard work!

    Once he begins writing a novel, he will condition himself to write for five or six hours a day as many other creative professionals do. He then winds up with a manuscript that is many times larger than it needs to be. He then will sometimes pull out ideas to use another projects or delete them if they don't help a story. He then goes to at least two sessions of rewriting that last two months or so each.

    3. Physical and spiritual strength are both necessary

    Sturdy bodies will help you: you will not be held back by physical barriersĀ 

    4. Good translations were a key to his success

    He was popular all over the world. He was popular in Japan, first and his native language, then in Russia, and then later in the United States.


    5. It is important for a translator to be in tune with the author for a subtle translation that accurately captures the pace and tone of the work

    6. He has been translated into 50 languages!

    I doubt I could even think of 25 different languages

    7. As famous as he is, I has never heard of him

    I just don't read that many novels, especially Japanese novels

    8. He continually pushed himself out of his comfort zone to expand internationally

    9. He is conscious of pushing himself to do better as an artist

    He sets up challenges for himself. He moves to other countries with just a notepad, he writes in different languages.

    10. He writes what he feels and hopes that other people will like it instead of trying to write for an audience: he writes for an audience of one.

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