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10 More Topics for “Infinite Levels”/“Life on Hard Mode” Podcast

Still haven't picked a name. Who cares? If I change it, I change it. Just have to record and ship. If I'm not scared, it's not worth publishing.

10 More Topics for “Infinite Levels”/“Life on Hard Mode” Podcast

    1. Video Game Benefits to Cognition vs. Risks of Addiction

    2. Resistance Traning, Tracking, and Using Positive Reinforcement/Game Mechanics to Stay With It

    3. Your Own Life’s “Character Sheet”, Celebrating the Milestones

    4. What are the cognitive and physiological processes behind setting a training or athletic “PR”?

    5. What techniques do super athletes use to “game” their progress and achieve new records?

    6. Shigeru Miyamoto’s Philosophy on Games, Fun, and Living a Consistently Improving Life

    7. Satoru Iwata’s Philosophy on Developing Business and Producing World and Life-Changing Game Experiences

    8. Reviews of Game-adjacent Fitness and Workout Trackers, Why Do They Work (or not)?

    9. The Cultural Aspects of Sports Proficiency and Excellence; Looking at Status and Ascending the Personal/Professional Ranks

    10. How is the Stock Market like a Big Game (and Why do Simulators and the like work to educate us on how to use it as a tool for growth)?

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