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10 More Ways To Make Life More Complicated Than It Needs To Be

Thanks for the prompt, @BillBergeman!

Reads a bit like my biography...

(And, not giving any details to AI, I get pictures of houses... cool, but not on topic.)

10 More Ways To Make Life More Complicated Than It Needs To Be

    1. Doubt yourself wherever possible

    Assume you did something wrong or missed something

    2. Believe you're not good enough / qualified

    10Xing imposter syndrome

    3. Assume the other person wants to take advantage of us

    Especially when they're clearly not.

    4. Chase the shiny objects rather than work the system / pursue the goal

    Lots of cool things out there... but you haven't done the basics first.

    5. Keep it to yourself / don't ask for help

    Because you don't want to impose...

    6. Assume others are thinking about us when they're thinking about themselves or their shiny objects

    We're all more in our own heads than thinking of others.

    7. Pursue multi-tasking when uni-tasking is more efficient and productive

    Goes along with shiny object syndrome to send you in 25 directions at a time. Going in two directions is basically going in a circle. More than two is like the old Spirograph toy.

    8. Assume others understand things the same way you do

    Because they don't, and that thing is probably not their priority so they most likely don't / won't care like you do.

    9. Let others sidetrack you from pursuing your goals

    When you take on their priority as your priority

    10. Stay quiet and "take it" when you really want to scream and yell. Or at least say something.

    Wanting to keep the peace when the peace is pissing you off and tearing you up.

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