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10 more ways to scale my income by giving more

I'm making about 4600 monthly in ongoing gigs for writing in NFT projects.

My goal is to make 100k annually (~300-400usd per day). My obstacle is time and more clients.

And maybe more revenue streams I guess

    1. Pitch my services to Aptos NFT projects

    2. Quit Naavik writing

    I did it for free in hopes of eventually getting paid. To date, I only have a fr3e subscription to their pro service...which was honestly disappointing 

    3. Do MWB but in a way that kids do magic shows for nft crowds

    4. Outsource. Outsource. Outsource.

    Hire anyone from Fiverr or CA to do my next gig. Toy around with using them for my current gigs. Will that work?

    5. Offer a more premium version of your product

    By offering a more premium version of your product, you can charge more for it and thus increase your income. The premium version could include features that the regular version does not have, such as:

    -unlimited revisions, satisfaction guarantee, grant proposal, etc

    6. Give discounts for referrals

    Offer a discount to customers who refer others to your business. This could be a percentage off their next purchase, or a freebie. This will not only help to scale your income by bringing in more customers, but also help to build customer loyalty.

    7. Twitter ad for ABC holders

    Emphasize hackathon, give discount

    8. Ask JD for advisor fee

    9. Work seasonal job at Amazon. Or lectureship that has down time

    10. Research top paying jobs with lots of down time

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