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10 movies or plot that could star a podcast producer

Podcast Producer is an unsung hero, we have to make a movie about them! @JamesAltucher @James @camelliayang @jenglantz Let me know if I miss any plot point! For @jenglantz what do you think about a Podcast Producer Wedding Crasher Movie? haha


    1. Podcast Producer Super Hero: The Super PP (Podcast Producer)

    One day, the podcast producer were using a vintage-microphone (or cheap microphone) and he forgot to isolate himself. He got shocked and sent him flying to the other side of the room. When he woke up, he realize, he has the power of a Microphone! (?) . Super power includes, snuff out other people's story, and shock people! And his rival would be, the KAREN that decide to cancel him with the KAREN power!

    2. The Detective Podcast Producer!

    Just a regular Podcast Producer, but one day, his daughter has been taken. So he used his podcast skill, and listening skill to track down the kidnapper! The famous scene would be, I don't know who you're, I don't care who you're, but before you get off the phone, what's the last lesson that you would give to the audience or anything that you would like to add?

    3. The Super Natural Podcast Producer!

    One day, the podcast producer got sent 6 different cassette! And when she found a way to play all of them together, all of sudden a demon portal opens! And from that point on, she can hear and see what other couldn't. She has that frequencies that no one could match, and she's on his journey to fight the demon, with all the frequencies that she has! (Only limit to Mp3 at this point, Wave format comes in the sequel!)

    4. The Podcast Producer Spy!

    Just a regular podcast producer, however, he has the talent for assembling any electronics into microphone. So, the FBP (The Federal Bureau of Podcasting) recruited him to bring down the largest drug rings in the world!

    5. The Charlie Podcast Producer!

    A millionaire wanted to have podcast, so he hired 3 podcast producers to help him build the best podcast there is! One thing though, they have to secure the best microphone in the world in order to be more famous than Joe Rogan! Also, rather than females, we strike for equality. It would be middle age dad bod podcast producer.

    6. The Alien Podcast Producer!

    The Martian is tired of looking at the Tesla in this orbit. He wanted to know how Earth is like. So he decided to jump into his spaceship, flew past the Tesla that was in the space, and arrive on earth. He was walking around, he saw someone playing Joe Rogan's podcast, and he decided that he wanted to become the podcast producer in order to learn what's like to be human! But first, he needs to find the right person that could teach him everything about podcast, and he found @JamesAltucher !

    7. The Accidentally Got Involved in the world Secret Podcast Producer!

    A podcast producer was minding her own business, editing her podcast in a Starbuck (due to copyright issue, let's called it Starduck). When she went to the bathroom, he accidentally overheard the staff was talking about recording the world secret podcast. It could expose Starduck's involvement in Russia, China, and *Made Up Country*! So she swear to use her power ad podcast producer to stop the recording!

    8. The Time Loop Podcast Producer!

    A podcast producer to be, wake up every day the same, but he gets better every time he woke up, and finally became the best podcast producer before the days started moving on again! Oh! Also he gets the girl! Can't forget about the girl.

    9. The Let's Prevent a Global War Podcast Producer!

    Jocko was a war hero, but he left that field, the past, and the glory to move on. He started became the podcast producer that he always wanted to be, however, his past came back to haunt him, and he took on this call, from "The President"! And ultimately stop the war, but not without the sacrifices. Then he went back and became the regular podcast producer.

    10. The Ultimate Romcom Podcast producer

    He lost his job in the cities due to covid, and lockdown. However, he still decides to stay in the cities, and he even went on to twitter to yell at random person that said that the city is not coming back! However, ultimately, he ran out of money, and realize the city is not coming back anytime soon. So he went back home, and swear to himself that he would make his hometown, the woke city! He started becoming the Kevin to the KAREN, try to make his hometown in his image. Until, he met, Wendy. The Red Hair girl with braids, and she started showing her the way of tolerance, and forgiveness. Ultimately, he learnt the lesson, and married Wendy, every day they have a $5 for $5 and live Happily every after!

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