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10 Movies that caused a deep impression on me

    1. Grave of The Fireflies

    Few movies have captured the devastating impact of war on a generation. I was literally bawling at the climax of this movie and it stayed with me for days after.

    2. Annie Hall

    It is a classic, light-hearted, timeless, and funny movie. But I will always remember this for Jeff Goldblum's "I forgot my mantra".

    3. Black Swan

    Requiem for a Dream is Aranofsky's most eccentric and finest work. But Black Swan was more than a movie for me.

    4. Phantom Thread

    Paul Thomas Anderson has to be the best writer of character-driven stories and Hollywood is lucky to have him. You know it's something else when DDL himself decided to hang up his boots after playing this role.

    5. Raging Bull

    6. Parasite

    7. Silence of The Lambs

    8. Godfather II

    9. Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya

    This is a Tamil romance genre movie that I watched during my early teenage. It was a confusing period, especially being in a country where kids don't talk about love with their parents and I found solace in this movie.

    10. Vaazhl

    Another Tamil movie and it is underrated af.

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