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Katie Ulrych


10 Mr Beast Style Video Ideas

    1. Stand outside of a Preschool Classroom and give each kid $100

    How would a 4 year old spend $100? I would love to see this. Give it to them in $10 increments. Most of them if they like their teacher will probably turn around and give them a $10. 4 year old generosity is an amazing thing.

    2. Find a family of 5 give each member $20k to plan their dream vacation

    Follow this family on each vacation. I see this being two parents and three kids aged High School, Middle School and Elementary school.

    3. Wearable advertising

    Give someone a long sleeve shirt with an advertisement on the front of it. On the sleeve of it have their be a tracker with how many people have gone to the advertisement on the shirt in one day.

    4. Go into a school and pay each teacher $100k for that school year

    Track how well the students did the previous year and then follow up at the end of the year. Are teachers motivated by money? Should we actually pay them more? Would it make a difference?

    5. Put 100 Middle School Students in gymnasium without electronic devices

    The last one standing gets college tuition paid for. Provide food, bathrooms and places to sleep. Do kids these days value a college education? Are we putting out own ideas on them? What will they do with out electronics?

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