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10 Multi Agent GPT models of the future


So far ChatGPT is being used in a linear manner where an individual creates prompts and the AI produces a result.

However, what would happen if you had multiple bots carrying out multiple functions and acting as a team? This paradigm has been used in Robotics Process Automation (RPA), where multiple bots are employed to carry out automation workloads. I can certainly see this model being used in the world of generative AI.

With tools like AutoGPT, LangChain, and BabyAGI, autonomous AI can utilize GPT and interact to carry out real-world tasks.

    1. Social Media Team

    Have you considered the benefits of a team of bots taking care of your content needs? Imagine having a bot that can craft compelling blog posts and tweets, while another creates visually stunning Instagram ads with persuasive language. Additionally, a bot could handle audience analytics, and another could oversee and elevate the work of the rest.

    2. Dual Control Coding

    Consider utilizing two AI bots to code together instead of relying on just one. Collaborating on a project with another bot allows for constant refinement of code and the ability to review each other's work for errors or improvements. This approach results in a highly effective program created in a shorter amount of time. It is also a useful exercise in minimizing error rates for more crucial work assignments.

    3. Debaters / Q/A

    A helpful technique to prepare for a challenging Q&A session is to engage in a debate with AI agents or have multiple AI pose difficult questions and scrutinize your responses for any weaknesses.

    • Learn about both side's arguments
    • Multiple simulations of various arguments and responses
    • Understand the key themes of the debate

    4. Writer and Editor

    Have one bot write your blog article while another critiques it using established best practices for writing.

    5. Hacker vs Security Expert

    Imagine having two bots that could perform adversarial attacks and defence. This could be incredibly useful for testing the security of network systems or for creating new exploits in software, with a defence agent able to counteract those actions.

    6. Tea Time with Fictional Characters

    Imagine forming a group of fictional characters from history, comic books, or movies to engage in activities with you, such as playing poker or doing improv, in the metaverse.

    7. Philosophical Podcast

    It would be interesting to hear the viewpoints of philosophers from the past on contemporary issues such as the emergence of AI or the impact of social media. For instance, it would be intriguing to explore what Plato or Hume might have to say on these matters.

    8. Stock Traders

    A team of analyst work at your behest. Dedicate a bot to technical analysis, another studying the fundamentals and another bot to scrapping the rumour mill from news, social media sites, etc.

    9. Business Analyst & Data Scientist

    You write your business problem and expected outcome. The BA bot drafts the requirements and sends them to a data scientist to create an analysis or build a model. Send the results to the BA. BA gives you a presentation on the findings.

    10. Lawyer and the Intern

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