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10 must-bring items for travel

Whether you travel for fun or work, these are some of the must-have items

    1. Sleeping mask and ear plugs

    I've also found a small portable white noise machine to be handy.

    2. Portable charter

    I love the ones from Anker - I charge it either on the plane, bus or at the hotel and it's just in case I run out of charge on my phone

    3. Extra set of batteries

    Some of my devices require batteries (my bose noise cancelling headphones, my mouse) so I like to bring extra batteries in case it dies.

    4. Bose noise cancellation headphones

    I thought at first that it would cancel all noise but it really only cancels noise such as the rumbling of the airplane engine

    5. Smartphone

    Obviously your smartphone but less obvious is to have content (audiobooks, podcasts) on there so that you can power nap and listen to how to influence people

    6. Nexus

    I'm Canadian but in the US you might have things like a clearpass etc. - saves you time and is essential if you travel a lot

    7. Water bottle

    Hydrating is important and there's water stations everywhere (hotel -> gym, airports)

    8. Notebook

    To journal, write notes, capture ideas

    9. Light snack

    I used to pack granola bars or cookies in my backpack - just something I can eat quickly if hunger strikes but now I'm leaning more towards healthier options like jerky

    10. Towel

    Don't panic and always bring a towel - just infinitely handy for all sorts of things - spills, going to the beach, to use as a blanket, sleeping mask

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