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10 Myths About "Going To The Gym"

    1. You need to go to a gym to exercise (and be fit / healthy / strong / etc.).

    I'll branch this, because there are WAY more than 10 other ways to exercise.

    2. Going to the gym and following a routine is effective.

    Not by default. Are you making measurable progress towards a specific goal?

    3. If you take lessons with a trainer, you're all set.

    There's a spectrum here.

    4. As long as you're in the gym touching some machines or weights for 45-60 minutes, that's a good, effective workout.

    5. You should go to the gym every day.

    6. You need to be in the gym for 45 minutes at least.

    7. You need a pre- or post-workout shake or smoothie.

    Some people need it, but for most it's just a 'want'.

    8. Fancy, new, innovative, 'cutting-edge' equipment is important.

    Old-school bodybuilders (who looked like Greek statues) stuck to the basics, because the basics work.

    9. You should bring your phone into the gym.

    10. Your gym should be heated / air-conditioned / comfortable / luxurious.

    Not if you want to get tough & train for life!

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