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10 new activities I'd like to try

I'll omit sports previously mentioned on this list.


    1. Rage room

    You pay to destroy a bunch of stuff in a room. My best friend is extremely tempted by this and he's the calmest person I know. Probably not a coincidence.

    2. Sambo

    Russian martial art from the Soviet days. I used to practice Krav Maga on and off for a couple of years, and I think Sambo is similar in the sense that its purpose is self-defense. My understanding is that Sambo focuses more on grappling. Learning Sambo and getting back to Krav Maga might be an interesting combination. Not that I'm likely to get into fights, though!

    3. Bachata

    I heard it's an easy dance style to learn. When it comes to dancing, I'd rather start with something not too challenging, as I'm a total noob.

    4. Skiing

    My experience with skiing consists of trying it as a kid with no sticks and hitting a tree, and then a more successful attempt at cross-country skiing a few years ago, which I loved. I heard there are some good spots for skiing near where I live, maybe I should take advantage of that.

    Also snowboarding.

    5. Flying

    6. Making electronic music

    I know very little about electronic music and only recently realized that I like it. The idea of making my own tracks is quite appealing, even if just for the fun of it. I especially like tracks that incorporate recordings from philosophers/intellectuals, such as those tracks that mix "chillstep" and Alan Watts, or anything from Akira the Don.

    7. Painting

    My girlfriend and I printed our butts onto a canvas the other day and it was really fun.

    8. Piano

    9. Survival workshop

    Would try with my bestie.

    10. Growing psychedelic mushrooms

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