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10 (new) ideas for great sleep


- Nagoski, Burnout.

- Nestor, Breath

- Pavlina, blog

    1. Stress is not resolved by resolving the stressor but by deliberately destressing

    Exercise, give affection, do a written brain dump at the days end.

    2. Frustration can be planned around by choosing soon, certain, concrete, positive, specific, personal satisfactions along the way.

    Planful problem solving resolves stress that interferes with sleep.

    3. Skills, not wills or pills

    Forcing or medicating great sleep isn't sustainable. Skills at dealing with emotional dysregulation creates sustainable great sleep.

    4. “I must get great sleep because…”

    Write a list of 10 specific reasons why creating great sleep is essential to you.

    5. Say No to other people to say Yes to yourself and great sleep

    People will oppose you sleeping great and persistently try to disrupt your sleep. Plan how you will say no in advance so that you preserve those late night relationships in a different form

    6. Water, banana, lavender, cool room, epsom salt bath, progressive relaxation, avoiding caffeine and screens

    Obvious tips often ignored 

    7. Consistent waking, winding down, and sleep hygiene is key. Enlist an accountability buddy to help

    After 2 weeks on 6 hours you're legally drunk and unaware of it. Consistent waking, winding down, and sleep hygiene is key.

    8. Set an alarm for winding down time an hour before sleep, leaving 8 hours for sleep, instead of an alarm in the morning.

    9. Put surgical tape over your mouth at bedtime so you sleep breathing through your nose.

    10. Sleep training: whenever drowsy, set 20 minute timer and lie down, crucially rising as soon as alarm goes off.

    If you take time to get to sleep, this idea from Steve Pavlina eliminates that delay and trains instant sleep. 

    Once skilled at 20 minute naps experiment with 5, 10, 15 minute naps.

    Pavlina also suggests only going to bed when sleepy and always waking at a fixed time.

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