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10 New Sports

    1. Auto Frogger

    Pedestrians vs. automobiles in 5 lanes of traffic. Full padding and protection of course. Or instead of automobiles use objects like tackle dummies moving on tracks at various speeds.

    2. Swing Frogger

    We actually did this as kids. At the school playground there was a line of swings that had 16 swings in all. The goal is for the individual to run from one end of the line of swings to the other through the middle without getting hit. Swingers can stick their feet out to increase the challenge. They can also try and change their speed or momentum. Whoever makes it the farthest wins. If you are able to make it all the way through. Fastest time wins.

    3. AI Adventure

    It will be a cross between Choose your own Adventure and Escape Room. Except all parameters are controlled by a neutral AI. Contestants would have to solve puzzles AND determine which path they want to take. But the puzzles and what's along the path are determined by the AI.

    4. Pocket Archery

    Take any or all of the known archery events and run them exactly the same but using slingshots. These Y shaped handheld elastic powered launchers are known by catapults to some.

    5. Trampoline Diving

    We already have Springboard and Platform Diving. Is it really a stretch to add Trampoline?

    6. Dig of War

    Similar to Tug of War. You start with two teams next to each other. But instead of a rope they all have shovels. The goal is to dig a hole a given size to a given depth before your opponents. Maybe you concentrate on digging faster. Maybe you try and dump all your dirt into your opponent's hole. Maybe you have some dig while others block. Multiple strategies here.

    7. EV endurance race.

    Using identical solar powered electric vehicle each racer must reach a designated finish line that is at least twice the maximum range of the vehicle. First across the line wins.

    8. Thrown Pentathlon

    5 events: Axe, playing cards, lawn darts, regular darts, and baseball. Accuracy, speed, distance, could all be factors in the separate events. Combined best score wins.

    9. Full contact chess.

    Another team event. Each team captain faces their opposite across the chess board. Each piece is represented by an actual competitor. Whenever a piece is to be captured. A martial contest takes place. It could be wrestling, fencing, whatever. So the capture is not predetermined. Your move could still fail.

    10. Pedal Polo

    Just like polo but on bicycles.

    11. Moto-Polo

    Motor scooters

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