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10 new things I tried yesterday

    1. chicken and Avocado Sandwich

    I wanted Pho. The pho place was closed so I went to Bobcat Bonnie's. I wanted a burger but I was like hmm maybe I should switch it up. I did. It was disappointing. :(

    2. A sugar free red bull mocktail

    It was like half of the red bull. It was a great mocktail but I overpaid for it.

    3. Park on the street instead of the parking lot

    I don't like parking on the street because I won't ever parallel park. I just won't. But these new on street parkings are just like drive right in. So I did and it was great.

    4. I prepped for a project I am doing with my class

    Lol. I know I should always prep but it's been a crazy year and we haven't been able to do any projects. Well I prepped yesterday for a project. I think I was able to get 2 extra students to do it. YAY

    5. watch a show about indy 500

    Since I am obsessed with car racing shoes I figured I'd watch the new indy show on Netflix. I wanted to see how indy is different from f1. In my opinion it's like if nascar and f1 had a baby. David Letterman co owns a team. That was exciting.

    6. Physical Therapy

    I sprained my ankle 20 years ago. I fell out of a stunt in cheerleading. Since 2020 I have restrained it maybe like 10 times. 2 times on school property. I was able to use workman's comp and go through PT. YAY. It's weird. I feel like one side of my body is going to be substantially stronger than the other.

    7. Ask if I can have an earlier appointment

    I hate doing this. I scheduled an appointment and I should stick to it. But I didn't realize yesterday would be a half day. So I asked to start earlier. I was able to. YAY. I was home earlier too.

    8. Eat at a different ice cream place

    The ice cream places around me serve the BIGGEST scoops of ice cream. I want like 3 maybe 4 bites of ice cream and then I am done. I went to this new place and got a kiddy scoop. It was perfect.

    9. Order Tickets for an event almost a week in advance

    My boyfriends birthday is next week. He wants to do go karts. I bought scheduled tickets for us and another couple almost a week in advance. It was kind of a lot of money and I am worried something could come up. But I did it.

    10. Drink 2 bottles of water

    I try to do this all of the time. I fail half of the time. I did it yesterday. Hurray!

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