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Doug Hill


10 NFT Projects James Could Develop

    1. Turn Choose Yourself Shirt into an NFT

    Take the shirt with the Choose Yourself book on it and put different faces of James in the shirt. Buyers get a signed copy of his book and or a one hour call with James.

    2. Chess Lesson NFT

    Chess Board of famous games, or games James has played in. Gives the owner the opportunity to get a lesson from James.

    3. Newsletter NFT

    Tie the Early Stage Crypto Investor subscription to an NFT. So buyers get access to James' crypto recommendations. Images could include James with Bitcoin eyes... James at home in his office... need to flesh out ideas for the images.

    4. Weekend with James NFT

    This one is all about lifestyle. Want to "Be like James"? Well here's the next best thing... join James for a weekend retreat and talk entrepreneurship, gaming, investing, crypto, chess... the time with James is yours. Limit to this one should be small, 5-10 tops.

    5. Create the first physical-land NFT

    Find a parcel of land and create a NFT to attract investors. All rent and leases of the land are shared with NFT holders. Prove that the digital and physical financial world's are colliding.

    6. NFT in Tullum Mexico

    James owns or has access to RE in Mexico and South America. Let's NFT a condo, and crowd source the purchase and rental income! Own a home with James!

    7. NFT access to James' next Chess tournament

    8. NFT Ownership in NotePd

    9. NFT James' Written 10 ideas a day

    Dig up all your note pads, make images out of them and sell them as NFT's. Add the royalty to these because some people won't be able to use some of your ideas lists. Therefore a secondary market will be created.

    10. Create an NFT out of the chapter on NFT's in the Big Book of Crypto

    'Cuz why not?

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