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10 Non-Fiction Book Ideas You Would Like To Write.

Books I would like to write (or read).

    1. The book of sleep

    Physiology, patterns, sleep and noise, medication, home remedies, states of the brain, solve problems

    2. The book of death

    The significance of life and death. Will there be an afterlife or reincarnation? How do people die? Causes of death. Death and the meaning of life.

    3. Minimalist cooking

    Recipes that are extremely cheap or extremely fast to prepare

    4. How to make life easier

    Stop wasting time and money. Avoid trouble.

    5. The origin of jokes

    Where do they come from? What makes a good joke? How to use them. How to remember them. Jokes and psychology.

    6. The book of love

    Why do we fall in love? Sensible ways to find a partner. How to get over a broken heart. How to impress potential lovers.

    7. The book of depression

    Reasons: environment, organic, psychological. What helps? How do people cope with it? Does it have a meaning?

    8. A minimalist aquarium

    How to set up a small tank for a betta, some shrimps, snails and plants. Understanding a mini eco system and taking care of it.

    9. How to craft furniture from bulky waste and packaging

    10. How to create diagrams and drawings for people who can not draw

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