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10 Non-Religious Reasons For Going To Church

[This was a long-sitting bunch of notes I couldn't get finished until I started here, and applied the idea list concept. Our Minister liked it enough to mention it at services and provide copies to our congregation.]

Added to the value of the religious reasons to attend and participate in the life of the church, there are many non-religious benefits as well. While all of these may apply to other organizations, or could be done on one's own, the church is the just about the only entity which can provide all of these benefits.


    1. Being Part of a Community

    People are joining organizations far less than in the past, losing out on the fellowship they provide. Church activities provides a community not only of the local congregation, the particular religion's congregation, and the wider community of believers in your area and around the world.

    2. Consistency In An Inconsistent World

    Whether you had a great week, or you had a terribly lousy week, the church is a constant, always there to show there will be a tomorrow.

    3. A Core Set Of Values

    The basic values of the church have served the world well for many centuries.

    4. The Value of Ritual

    Church provides a variety of rituals. Rituals are important in many aspects of life, and for people's overall well-being.



    5. Respite From Your Hurried Life

    Services provide a couple of hours once a week to get your mind off of the job, the bills, the problems of your life.

    6. An Opportunity For Meditation

    Church services provide a weekly opportunity for meditation, and a variety of materials for meditation on your own.

    7. Opportunity To Serve Others

    Church services provide a weekly opportunity for meditation, and a variety of materials for meditation on your own.

    8. Music Program

    Church music programs provide an opportunity to enjoy (and expose children to) classical and other types music, and for people who sing and/or play to do so.

    9. Lessons Learned

    Church services offer lessons in history and philosophy which are, and have been relevant for many centuries.

    10. Something To Believe In

    Maybe a religious reason, but there is great value in having something to believe in, and that there is a much larger world (and larger 'power') than yourself or any one person or group.

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