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Daniel Knight


10 NotePD Features that would ROCK! 🪨

    1. Push notification for the top idea of the day

    Just one idea that has the most likes. Not the whole list but the #1 idea of the day. 

    2. Send me my top ideas from my lists

    Maybe once per week I get a notification from the best performing idea that I came up with. This would be a good reminder and way to really consider implementing it. Although, really, all of my ideas are so good they should be implemented. 😉 

    3. Themes for carousels

    4. Export single ideas as their own image in quote format

    5. Turn idea lists into checklists

    6. Create folders of saved lists

    7. Comment on single ideas

    8. Add videos to ideas

    9. Audio notes

    It would be cool to add audio to express thoughts behind an idea

    10. Link Lists

    It'd be cool to link similar lists together that could create a history behind a category or something. 

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