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10 + Nuances of being disciplined

    1. It's not about being hard be disciplined in being compassionate to others

    2. Disciplined isn't just about sticking to the alarm clock look at the quality of time I am consuming

    3. Be disciplined in being non judgemental don't be quick to judge give the benefit of the doubt where I can

    4. Be disciplined in being humourous make time to laugh don't let discipline be a drain on being human

    5. Be disciplined in connecting and engaging with others, it's not about head down ploughing on

    6. Be disciplined by asking for help because I need it

    7. Be disciplined to face and acknowledge the guilt and shame certain situations make I feel

    8. Be disciplined in forgiving myself and others for misdemeanor and errors

    9. Be disciplined to stop look around and be aware of the environment that I am in

    10. Be disciplined enough to recognise when it's time to change and pivot because what I am doing isn't working

    11. Be disciplined enough to know that I have full responsibility for the decisions in my life and stop blaming others

    12. Be disciplined enough to check my work to review and assess its effectiveness

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