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10 of my favorite video games

since the beginning

10 of my favorite video games

    1. star wars: KOTOR

    such a great game, i think this was my first RPG, played when I was like 6 or 7, re-played it so many times, def a top one of my favorites

    2. halo series

    first shooter game i've played, awesome games, started with Halo 2 then Halo 1, then the rest

    3. mass effect series

    started with me 2 because me 1 was not on play station (only had playstation 3 at the time), but I still was able to enjoy it and part 3

    4. the witcher series

    awesome games that I got immersed in during covid lockdown times

    5. call of duty series

    cod def has a special place in my heart, i think i started with black ops 1, so much fun

    6. elder scrolls games

    i played oblivion and skyrim, loved them both

    7. fallout games

    i only played fallout 3 but got really into it, amazing game, so much time i played

    8. gears of war series

    amazing games, so much fun, story was great, multiplayer was great

    9. uncharted series

    damn, i loved this series, played 2/3/4, still haven't played the first one, i remember playing 4 while high on marijuana, OMG, what an experience

    10. lord of the rings games

    for when i was in my LOTR phase haha, many great ones, the third age, fellowship of the ring, two towers, i played many of them and really enjoyed them

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