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10 of my favourite local Derbyshire cafes and tearooms

Bliss for me is a nice cafe, friendly and cosy, good coffee, notebook to hand and time to write. I visit different cafes depending on my mood, whether I'm alone or with Chris or a friend. I love a good latte (not too strong or bitter) and a perfectly toasted teacake.


    1. Stamp Cafe, Ashover

    A lovely little cafe in a small village not far from Matlock. Stamp Cafe is in the Post Office. Great coffee, fab lunches. A favourite when we spent a few days in Ashover.

    2. Beaumont's, Ashbourne

    We're regulars here. We love the ambiance. The coffee's great. We get a very warm welcome. It's a relaxed, cosy cafe with no pretensions.

    3. The Little Shed, Ashbourne

    During lockdown we went to the Little Shed for takeaway drinks and cakes. We drove to a lay by between Ashbourne and home where we could look out on the fields and hills, spot lambs and create the Car Cafe.

    4. Tagg Lane Dairy

    We called in at Tagg Lane for a late lunch after our first Derbyshire house viewing. I loved it from the start. Raw Jersey milk, cows, gelato and amazing lattes. On that first visit we met Robert, the retired father-in-law of the farmer who chatted to us and made us welcome. We go back there often for coffee and cake, and sometimes ice cream. I like to get my cow fix too. Now we're not two hours away I buy raw milk there.

    5. Friends Cafe, Ashbourne

    This is a great place to meet friends. It's always busy so best to book. Chris and I have been a couple of times. Their fish finger sandwich is just the best!

    6. High Peak Bookstore Cafe, Brierlow Bar

    A cafe in a bookstore! The perfect combination. Sometimes I get coffee first and then have a wander. Sometimes I buy a couple of books and settle in for a while with a latte and browse my books. High Peak Bookstore, known by me and my Dad for years as Brierlow Bar Bookshop, has been a constant for many years.

    7. F.Coffee, Ashbourne

    A great spot on a sunny day when you can sit outside. We did this when we had moved from Lancashire and were living in holiday lets for a few months. I remember the best toasted teacakes and butter. Excellent lattes too.

    8. Beresford's, Hartington

    Another old favourite, I've drink many coffees in Beresford's even before we moved to Derbyshire. Also in a Post Office, this small cafe serves fantastic scones. Whenever I'm in Hartington, I pop in here.

    9. The Tunnel Cafe, Ashbourne

    Another good one on a sunny day. You can sit under parasols at tables alongside the bridge. Good, simple food.

    10. Graze, Bakewell

    This used to be a Thornton's chocolate shop and cafe. Now privately owned, Graze is perfect for elevenses or brunch.

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