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10 of My Own Anwers from Askhole

H/T @Skwiglez

I often find inspiration for my lists from other posters. This seemed like an obvious gift. Thank you for giving me 10 Askhole questions. I'll do my best to answer them.

    1. If the only food you could eat were from one fast food restaurant; which would you choose?

    As someone who loves fast food, and eats way too much of it, this was difficult. But I'm going with Sonic.

    2. If the government made it mandatory that every citizen over the age of 21 teach one year of one grade level Pre-K through 12, what would you teach?

    I would teach 6th grade students First Aid and CPR.

    3. If old Malls became apartment buildings, What store would you live in? (Assuming that the general decor stayed the same but all the fixtures and items are gone)

    I was going to say Waldenbooks, but if we're going solely by decor and not fixtures and items then my answer is Spencer Gifts.

    4. You could drive only 1 car for the rest of your driving life, what car do you choose?

    KITT from Knight Rider

    5. If you could have a uniform that you wear every day, what would it be?

    Black pajamas, grey vest, moccasins, ball cap

    6. If you were locked in a room and only had a pen and paper to use to occupy your time, what would you do.

    Sleep, mostly. Then I would use the pen to make targets and fold and refold the paper into different airplane or flying shapes in an attempt to hit the target.

    7. What is the weirdest thing in your Google search History right now?

    I was searching the term "dark documents". Got some strange results.

    8. If you could know all the things that the other person knows, who would you switch bodies with for one day?

    U.S President George W. Bush.

    9. What will be the most interesting thing you own in 2050?

    Probably one of my 1930s era firearms.

    10. If you could send one interviewer back in time to interview a famous historic person, who would be the interviewer and the interviewee?

    The interviewer of course would be me. The interviewee is a much harder question. I know I would enjoy talking with Tecumseh of the Shawnee.

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