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10 of the best concerts I have seen and why?

    1. Cage The Elephant at Kool Haus (2014)

    They did one of the most balls-out rock shows I can think of. They weren't even the final act, but by the time Foals came out (who I have nothing against), there wasn't even any point in staying.

    2. The Rolling Stones at Bell Centre (Montreal 2003 - I think)

    I can die having seen The Rolling Stones.

    3. U2 - Pop Tour 1997

    I missed a chance to see U2's Zoo TV show at the beginning of my University years. Being able to see them at the end of those years felt like a redemption.

    4. Metric - Fantasies Tour 2009

    I've seen Metric over 5 times, but this was after they had a very big year and the final show of that tour in a homecoming show. I swear there was magic in the air.

    5. Stone Temple Pilots - Rogers Centre 2010

    Great energy, a great crowd. They really showed off their musician-ship. And Cage the Elephant opened.

    6. Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker - 2018 at REBEL

    Another band I've seen a half dozen times at least. All their shows are good, but this was Halloween, and the Elwins (opening act) were very good too and dressed up as Minions.

    7. The Tragically Hip - Hamburg 1994

    Seeing one of the biggest bands in Canada during a time when they were selling out arenas back home, but in a night club where it was easy to push to the front row makes me a lucky individual. Blues Traveler opened and was incredible too.

    8. The Black Keys - August 2012 - Molson Amphitheatre

    Traffic from Caribana made us late and I was terrified I'd miss my favourite songs. But walking into the perfect summer concert venue in mid-rock-out was sublime and I got to hear Little Black Submarines after all.

    9. The Police Reunion Tour (2007)

    I'm not a super fan, but a reunion that was unthinkable for most of the 80s and 90s happened in 2007. Another band that can really show off their musicianship.

    10. Nelly Furtado - Starlight Ballroom, NJ (2007)

    An unexpected surprise. I was working in Philadelphia very short term, and someone asked me what I had planned for the night. Watching TV in my motel room was my answer, but this colleague knew the management of Nelly Furtado who was playing around 45 minutes away. It was a great show, and I even got backstage, though I didn't get to meet her. I don't think I even paid for a ticket.

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