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Bill Bergeman


10 of the World's Great Cathedrals

I'm blessed to say I've been to all of these remarkable spaces. Since I took most of my photos on old-school cameras, I don't have digital images. So, I pulled some from online and credit them below.

Listed in no particular order.

    1. St. Peter's Basilica.

    The granddaddy of them all. While stunning, to me it feels too opulent for the religion it represents.


    Photo by Julius Silver: https://www.pexels.com/photo/photography-of-lighted-bridge-753639/

    2. Sagrada Familia.

    The largest unfinished Catholic cathedral in the world is located in Barcelona, though there's plenty of it that's complete that will completely overwhelm you.


    Photo by Pavol Svantner: https://unsplash.com/ @palsoft

    3. Notre Dame de Paris.

    A stunning embodiment of Gothic architecture.


    Photo by Reno Laithienne: https://unsplash.com/ @renolaithienne

    4. Canterbury Cathedral.

    One of the oldest cathedrals in England, and located in one of the cutest towns I ever remember visiting. Probably most famous for the site where Saint Thomas Beckett was murdered.


    Photo by Reno Laithienne: https://unsplash.com/ @renolaithienne

    5. Santa Maria del Fiore.

    The cathedral's dome is the most unmistakable landmark along the Florence skyline. Just stunning.


    Photo by Mark Boss: https://unsplash.com/ @vork

    6. Washington National Cathedral.

    The New World has its share of beautiful cathedrals as well. Many presidents have held prayer services here, and some of their state funerals also took place at the cathedral.


    Photo by Bob Bowie: https://unsplash.com/ @connave

    7. Toledo Cathedral.

    Another classic Gothic cathedral that oversees the winding city of Toledo.


    Photo by Greta Schölderle Møller: https://unsplash.com/ @schoelderle

    8. Berlin Dom.

    The site of many major states services in Germany.


    Photo by Karli Cumber: https://unsplash.com/ @karl_okay

    9. Frauenkirche (Dresden).

    My understanding is this may not technically be a church, but someone who is smarter than me can correct me. In any case, this church sits in the middle of town as if it were just another building, yet that is hardly the case. It has a long history, and very sadly was destroyed during the bombing of Dresden in World War II. When I visited in 2005, the reconstruction was still taking place but nearly complete.


    Photo by Lukas D: https://unsplash.com/ @lukdie

    10. St. Paul's Cathedral (London).

    Everyone knows this cathedral even if they don't realize it. The site of many major events, most notably Winston Churchill's funeral and the worldwide phenomenon that was Charles and Diana's wedding.


    Photo by Aaron Gilmore: https://unsplash.com/ @aarongilmore

    11. BONUS: Hagia Sophia Cathedral.

    This is one cathedral on this list I have not seen in person, but I've been dreaming about it for years.


    Photo by Mark König: https://unsplash.com/es/ @markkoenig

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