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10 opportunities for habit stacking

This is where you have a habit and then tie a new behavior to it. It works! Also writing a list like this helps to consciously reinforce my habits.

I like this laughably weird interpretation from ChatGPT: didn't nail it this time:


    1. Making coffee -> exercise

    I don‘t skip my coffee but I sometimes skip the exercise. By doing them together I get in at least a few minutes of exercise

    2. Brushing teeth -> evening journaling

    By putting a small journal in the bathroom I make an entry every night

    3. Walking the dog -> listening to audio books

    Being prepared with books loaded on apps and earbuds charged makes this work.

    4. Stopping my work day -> practicing guitar

    I go to a different room and start working through scales. it is good to clear the mind.

    5. Talking to family member -> being mindful

    This is a challenge, but it involves consciously putting my phone down and paying attention! Working on this one....

    6. In Teams Meeting -> pay attention

    I have a (bad) habit of trying to "multitask" during meetings. For about 80% of these, it is fine, but for the other 20%, where it is one-on-one, I get the meeting done more efficiently if I maximize the Teams window and really pay attention.

    7. Walking the dog -> meditating

    My neighborhood is very quiet. It is a good time to clear the mind.

    8. Brushing teeth -> flossing

    I have "Plackers" that are much easier to use than floss. My dental hygienist would be proud! If I went to the dentist...

    9. Starting work -> posting on NotePD

    I try to publish at the same time every day.

    10. Watching TV -> practicing guitar scales

    I am not much of a TV watcher on my own but it is how my family socializes during the week.

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