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10 Opportunities to increase access to physicians through IT efficiencies

    1. Issue QR code that links to patient records page in central system

    There is a hospital group in my area (Florida USA) that is starting to have a long running patient record: it is very useful.

    2. Have patients take their own vital signs

    With sophisticated apps and watches and sensors most patients can take their own vitals

    3. Public/Blockchain status for prescriptions

    This way you reduce calls back and forth between physicians insurance and pharmacy 

    4. Use more telemedicine

    This would allow time shifting and maybe a doctor in Alaska or India could diagnose someone in New York

    5. Use AI for basic diagnostic

    Prompt the physician with 3-4 likely diagnosis for them to choose 

    6. Use AI to analyze and report on lab results and imaging

    7. Use AI and prompts to ask intake questions

    Then Analyze the result and triage the patient 

    8. Use facial/gait recognition technology to triage patients based on symptoms

    9. Analyze populations and provide proactive treatment for pre-diabetes

    Too many people wait to go to the hospital. With early intervention this can be avoided 

    10. Have remote patient visits using technology so doctors don’t need to physically walk to visit patient.

    This can also be done by telemedicine. This would actually result in patients having a lot more time with physicians. Typically in a hospital you may wait for an entire day to spend two or three minutes with a specialist.

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