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10 out of the box marketing/sales ideas


    1. Set up shop in the middle of the ocean

    You could just say that's your business address (legally I'm sure that won't work, but you can still make a distinction between your official address and your work address), either living on the boat yourself (apparently you can access the internet at sea) or just having one or several employees living on it. Or you can actually make a physical business out of it, although I imagine this would be in addition to your online business just for the fun of it (and for marketing purposes of course). For example, you could sell merch from your boat in the middle of the ocean. Maybe someone will be cool enough to make the trip and buy something. Or you'll be lucky enough to come across another boat and they'll be interested, but I hear boats rarely cross each other.

    This sounds like fun, and a lot of effort. Is it doable? I have no idea. I guess. I mean why couldn't you sell stuff in the middle of the ocean? Maybe you can't make it "official", but that wouldn't matter.

    2. Create your own country

    It might not even be necessary to go to great lengths for it. It must be pretty complicated to create a country such as Liberland, but what if you just took a patch of land somewhere in the forest, on the beach or even in the middle of a city (maybe right next to where your head of state works, or next to the senate)? People will be like "wtf is that nutjob doing" and you might get on the news if you manage to stick your ground for a bit. And then, I don't know, somehow link that to whatever it is you're trying to market???

    3. Anything that you can copy from Nathan For You

    4. Sail around the world as a way to promote your thing

    5. Or do something more original, like cross the English Channel in an unconventional way

    Some people swim across. What about a kayak? A jetpack? A water jetpack? Scuba-diving? I think all of these have been done before.

    6. Cold snail-mail

    Maybe try it with successful and/or prestigious people in your industry, like "Hey, can I ask for help?" AND SIGN IT WITH YOUR BLOOD (okay no don't do that).

    7. Ask influential people if you can crash on their couch

    I remember there was an internet comedian trying to crash celebrities' couches. This was like ten years ago. Same guy who did a whole video series on trying to get Bill Murray to have dinner with him. Just did a google search, his name is Mark Malkoff. He's not active on YouTube anymore but it looks like he could write a great list on out-of-the-box marketing / sales ideas. His twitter bio mentions taking a goat into an Apple store.

    There's also this amazing French guy, Antoine de Maximy, who has a show in France where he goes to a country with no plans and tries to invite himself in people's homes (it almost always works), and he made a documentary in which at some point he rang Steven Spielberg's doorbell (it didn't work).

    This could be a way to become buddies with influential people (if it works!), which I don't know if this counts as marketing or sales, but you could also document your journey like that internet comedian, which would be a way to spread the word about your business.

    You know what, maybe I'll try this.

    8. Do something, anything, in the North Pole or in Antarctica

    It might be trickier in Antarctica as I think it's quite regulated, but maybe you could convince one of the stations there to invite you. For example, maybe I could do stand up there? I don't know how doable this would be. I also remember that there were a few CouchSurfing hosts in Antarctica. I don't know if they could actually host people, though.

    9. Sue someone for a silly reason

    I remember there's a guy who sued his parents for giving birth to him. I'm sure it's a good way to redirect people to your newsletter or something, even if it's unrelated (but I'm sure there's a way to coherently link it to your business).

    10. Sell a fun type of food to raise funds


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