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10 out of the box marketing/sales ideas

Great challenge. 

    1. Homeless

    Print your logo onto hats, Blankets and flasks then give them to the homeless. Not only do you get marketing from everyone who sees the homeless, they then take photos and spread your brand online. Once it goes viral the news picks it up and even more folk see. And even if all that fails you'll have a few people that will really appreciate the free gifts. 

    2. Chalk

    Send out free sets of chalk to your fans. Have them write/draw everywhere, take photos and tag you in them. 

    You get mass marketing (people won't be able to walk without seeing your brand) and it will cost next to nothing. Media is bound to report this for even more exposure. 

    3. Go to a protest

    Hand out merch at protests. You can even choose sides you don't agree with. Get them to love you and they'll do the marketing for you. 

    Choosing the other side Eg. All lives matter /black lives matter, no masks /masks, climate myth /climate change allows you to get more of the market. Everyone is BLM so noone wins but if only one was ALM then that's what everyone on that side would buy. 

    You'll get negative press, but you also get 1,000 true fans very quickly. 

    4. Memes

    This is how musk and trump do marketing. Be funny, show people that you're just like them. Show that you're in the same gang. Once people feel part of the gang you can then say 'people like us, buy products like this' and they'll follow. 

    5. Make a porno

    They say sex sells. Plaster your brand everywhere and people will link that to sleeping with porn stars. 

    Taking bikini models to the next level. This will definitely get the media talking. 

    6. School talks

    Go around schools delevering a positive message then give out merch (or if allowed, sell it). If kids hear a positive message, like you and like what you sell they'll definitely buy from you. 

    Hell make your product a status symbol by selling a limited amount for a high price. Only cool kids will get it and everyone follows their lead. 

    7. Become a politician

    State how you'd solve all the problems. Share your solutions (as long as their solved you don't care who does it). And ask for the publics solutions. Even if you lose people will love you for seeking real solutions. If you win you'll need to put your business on hold and improve the country, but I'm sure you'll get much more joy from that. If you do a good job you're business will be booming afterwards. 

    8. Simple solutions

    Look for really simple fixes that the government should have solved and solve them.

    Fill potholes but have your logo tagged on top.

    Make busstops that have a light bar displaying how long the next bus will be. (can use GPS and WiFi for accurate displays).

    Encourage electronic manifacturers not to put led lights on everything.  How bright is your room at night due to just one led? There must be other ways to show that an object is on. I cover my phone charger with a sock because the light is too bright, but I'm sure that a better solution is out there. 

    9. Coffins

    Coffins cost a lot. So you could pay some of the cost if you have your advertising on the coffin. At the funeral you'll be the main focus, that's what everyone will remember. They cared enough to make sure granny had the best final resting place. You'll be loved. Again it's so odd that the media is bound to talk about it. 

    10. Fake food

    You make fake foods with your brand on it. Cornflakes but with your face and message. They'll look enough like the real thing that staff won't notice you placing them in the store, but when customers pick them up they'll remember the laugh that they got from them. 

    Again media's bound to get fake outrage and advertise even mpre for you. 

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