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10 out of the box marketing/sales ideas

    1. Charge more than your competitors

    If it's more expensive, it must be better.

    2. Limit supply.

    Creates higher demand, right?

    3. Before I sell it to you,

    You have to give me 3 leads with a confirmed sale. Once they confirm, I ship yours and they have to generate more leads for me.

    4. We'll build it the way you want it...

    ...but don't blame us if it doesn't work.

    5. Placebo marketing

    We guarantee the product to work but it'll only work if you truly believe hard and long enough. Be patient and have faith.

    6. Buy it from us now......

    ...and in forty years we will buy it back at market value. You get Four Decades For Free.

    7. You won't want to throw away the package.

    We all struggle with what to do with all that cardboard and packing material that ends up cluttering our house and filling landfills. Our packaging is so nice that you will want to save it for use around the house. As cabinets, storage, wall art, organizers, etc. And our packing peanuts are peanuts.

    8. Have all your sales force be children

    Who can resist kids?

    9. Team up with the Girl Scouts of America.

    Who can resist Girl Scout cookies? For every item of ours you will also receive one box of girl scout cookies. Just pay separate shipping and handling. Which of course is greater than the cost of cookies.

    10. Home Demonstrators who are Home Invaders

    Your sales force "accidentally" causes problems in the home that fortuitously can be solved with the items we're selling. Also, we've set up camp in your living room until you decide to buy. Yes, you invited us into your home today, right here on this form. Didn't you read the entire document? What's for dinner?

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