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James Altucher


10 Outline Ideas for "1983" - the Novel

"1983" would be about what sort of events need to take place for a 1984-style world to occur from here. we have a "hero" who is an innocent , simple guy, falling love, working hard, etc

    1. - pandemic happens, some restrictions happen

    2. - he starts to get agitated but he wants to believe govt. He's afraid of getting disease. He argues w his best friend that mandates are good, etc But his new gf is so obsessed w mandates it starts to make him wonder

    3. - he's working hard, biz booming, but mandates cause biz to go under. His gf also leaves him. The reluctant hero is now called to action! To make his life better.

    4. - things go back to a "new normal" but he's a bit adrift and scared and is starting to learn more about the consequences of all this

    5. - climate change lockdowns happen.

    6. - now our hero is agitated.

    7. - he does a crypto heist. he meets a new girl

    8. - the govt is after him.

    9. - where to escape?

    10. - "Atlas Shrugged" style he ends up where all the competent people go while the country falls apart.

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