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10 overrated musicians/groups

Many of these acts are "very good" but have god like status. Metallica is sort of "over rated" but they are the best selling metal band of all time. The same way that Elon Musk or The Beatles are overrated. They are already in a class by themselves.

10 overrated musicians/groups

    1. U2

    I covered their songs in bands I was in and they were very popular in the 80s and wrote some anthems. They have had some of the biggest stage shows in history. Good for them, I don't get it.

    2. Bob Dylan

    Never did it for me. I prefer Neil Young in this category.

    3. Eric Clapton

    Proclaimed "god" on guitar. Meh. There are literally millions of better guitarists.

    4. The Red Hot Chili Peppers

    This is a tough one: I was a huge fan in the 80s and saw them live in 1987. Flea is a great bass player and musician. They have amazing physiques, play a high energy show and work hard.

    They don't have the song catalog that can support longevity the way that Elton John or Aerosmith can. Anthony Kiedis is a great performer but not a great singer. However, they are A list celebrities.

    5. Lou Reed

    I am a mild fan but he is kind of a mythical legend to some: overrated.

    6. Nirvana

    I am amazed when I see kids born 15 years after Curt Kobain died wearing Nirvana shirts. They had 2-3 popular songs. Great songs, but not very many. Their first album "Bleach" is pretty dark and non commercial: I'll bet most of those kids have never heard it.

    Dave Grohl is pretty awesome and continues to do great things but Nirvana was pretty limited.

    7. The Shaggs

    These were teenage girls who made their own musical style. It frequently sounded like 3 people playing different songs at the same time. I enjoy it every once in a while but I like a lot of challenging music. Frank Zappa and Kurt Cobain had name-dropped them as influences. Both of those guys are likely "taking the piss"

    8. Drake

    Not really in my wheelhouse taste but he does not strike me as megastar talent, but he has megastardom.

    9. Oliver Anthony

    The singer of "Rich Men North of Richmond." This is not exactly fair: he did not seem to want to go as viral as he did but here we are...

    10. Pearl Jam

    They had their own XM channel for a long time like they were a jam band. Not sure who was into this.

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