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10 parenting tips/hacks

What are some things that you have figured out that are clever?

    1. The "Don't Touch" rule

    When kids are little, they want to touch everything. When you are out in public, the "don't touch" rule is the best way to keep them safe and not annoy everyone else around you.

    2. The "Don't Say No" Rule

    Kids ask for things all day long. They are always testing their boundaries and seeing what they can get away with. If you say no too many times, they will lose respect for you and start doing whatever they want anyway. So it's better to say yes sometimes even when you know it's a bad idea. This way they learn that you mean what you say and that there is a consequence to their actions (when they get in trouble later).

    3. The "No Negotiation" Rule

    When your kids ask for something or if you are telling them no about something, don't negotiate. It's either a yes or a no. There's no middle ground because otherwise it becomes complicated very quickly and then boundaries become blurred.

    4. Don't argue with your spouse in front of the kids

    This is hard to do but it sets an example that adults disagree but can still be respectful of each other.

    5. The "No Questions Asked" rule

    If your kid calls you at work and says, "Can I borrow $500?" the answer is always, "Yes." Then later on when he asks again (and he will), give him back the money with interest. This way he learns that there are consequences for his actions but also that there is always help available if he needs it (if he pays back).

    6. Never blame your spouse in front of the kids when fighting with them about something else entirely.

    You have to fight sometimes as a couple but this rule keeps everyone focused on solving problems together rather than dividing and conquering each other so one person wins while the other loses face in front of the children.

    7. The "No Accusations" rule when arguing with your spouse over something trivial that turns into a bigger issue than necessary because of accusations being thrown back-and-forth between spouses who care about each other deeply but then forg

    It's crucial not to accuse each other because then someone has to defend themselves against an accusation which takes energy away from finding solutions for whatever problem caused this argument in the first place. It's also important not to blame anyone because this leads down rabbit holes where one person tries to prove they didn't do what was blamed on them instead of solving problems together as a team (i.e., family).
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