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10 parenting tips/hacks

10 parenting tips/hacks

    1. Refuse to discuss whether something is "fair" or not.

    Fairness is very subjective and a slippery slope: especially if you have multiple kids. Inform the offended child that everybody is different. You can ask them whether their needs have been met. Sometimes life is not fair.

    2. Shiny coins from the Tooth Fairy for lost teeth

    If you take some Comet cleaner and rub silver coins (quarters in the US), you can make them very shiny. This will turn your fingers grey so you might want to wear gloves.

    3. Agree to coach a sports team, chaperone a field trip, be a scout leader or otherwise volunteer with/for your kids

    You will be appreciated, and it will be a good life experience. The time window for parent volunteers is very small: just 6-8 years.

    4. Have something that you want to do when you are an empty nester

    This time comes up faster than you think. Many people in their mid-50s suddenly have a lot of extra time. Use it as an opportunity to start a new hobby or career while you are likely to be young and healthy enough to go for it.

    5. Some states will let you get an associate's degree while you are in high school: in Florida this is free and can also apply to your first two years of state college.

    If your child is inclined to do this, it is worthwhile and can save a lot of money with college expenses and give your child a marketable skill as an 18-year-old.

    6. Be present as often as you can

    From being physically there to not using your cell phone. Have a conversation with your child and look them in the eye. If you model this behavior to them, they will model it back to you in the future, and it is much better than watching somebody enthralled by their cell phone.

    7. Treat your aging parent the way you would like to be treated in the future.

    Your kids pay attention.

    8. Act slightly crazy sometimes...

    So that your kids can never be sure. Keeps them paying attention.

    9. Try not to be judgmental about relationships

    As your children get older, they will get into relationships that you will not approve of. Whether they are romantic relationships or relationships with people that you don't care for, try to use restraint when influencing your child away from someone you perceive as being a bad influence. Most parents want to do this for their children, and I have done it, too. However, in almost all circumstances, it doesn't work. Parents are unable to talk their children out of horrible relationships. When parents become aggressive or persistent, it causes many problems that can be extreme enough to break families apart. And the people that you were trying to keep part are still together.

    10. Young children want to spend time with you, especially up until about six or seven years old. Do what you can to spend a lot of time with them at this age.

    It can build up a bank of experiences and hopefully good memories that you both can hold onto forever. Enjoy this time while it lasts because they will want to have independence later.

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