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10 parenting tips/hacks

    1. Limit Screen Time to Weekends

    They'll be so thirsty for screens they'll go to them first and let you sleep in. It's a clear and consistent boundary you can set up to avoid fights about when and where and how much screen time is consumed.

    2. Unloading the dishwasher as a chore

    Hard to screw up (maybe a dish ends up in the wrong place), but makes the kids part of the process and makes your household less of a restaurant there to do their bidding.

    3. Dinnertime Conversation Starter #1: How did you feel loved today?

    4. Dinnertime Conversation Starter #2: What are you grateful for today?

    5. Dinnertime Conversation Starter #3: What's a mistake you made today?

    i.e. what would you have done differently - a lesson to learn. If they can't think of anything they should be able to use the alternative of something that went *very* well today - something great, not just good.

    6. Dinnertime Conversation Starter #4: How did you help someone today?

    7. Always back your partner's play - present a united front

    If you disagree, you can take it up later for discussion. Odds are the same issue will crop up again and maybe that will be a turn for your strategy.

    8. Work Alongside When You Can't Help Directly

    On school projects you might not be able to help at all times, but doing some of your own work nearby and modelling quiet, deep work can be helpful, and shows solidarity.

    9. Build As Many Routines As Possible - Bedtime and Before School Especially

    10. Forgive Yourself

    Every parent did their best - every parent screwed up something about their kids.

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