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10 People I Can Reach out to in order to become a Special Education Expert

I work in a school system where NOTHING is explained to me and when I ask questions they say I don't need to know. Parents have no idea how to help their child because they are relying on the school system and the school system is being secretive. I have been through MULTIPLE examples this year of how NOT to help parents. All I want to do is help them and their child. I want to help teachers be able to not feel so overwhelmed and actually have the information they need to help their student and families. These are people I can reach out to for help.

If you know of anyone that I could talk to. I want to be THE EXPERT IN PRESCHOOL SPECIAL EDUCATION.

    1. Josh

    Josh is a a step relative. He teaches special education to special education teachers at a large university. I have talked to him at different family gatherings but I feel weird talking shop when it's suppose to be relaxing time. I need to go to his office hours and just ask all the questions.

    2. Bill

    Bill is a lawyer who has fought school districts. He has a masters in education. He has taught. I want to ask him who he goes to when he needs help on a case.

    3. Molly

    Molly and I grew up together and while she has nothing to do with special education. She is a a consultant for curriculum for our county. I am sure she has some connections where she works. However.. I feel like her connections wouldn't really help me unless it's only about our county.

    4. Life Lab

    I am getting a summer job at a non tradition ABA center. I am going to be a behavior technician. My original goal was to learn how to help children with all sorts of problems one on one instead of one on 5. I feel like I'd know how to do it by actually being trained how to do it. Then I can apply to jobs in hopefully better school districts and get a better paying job.

    5. Pediatrician's Office

    I want to work at Pediatricians office at the front desk so I can be aware of the conversations going on with younger children and their diagnosis. She the paperwork and have discussions with the doctors and nurses.

    6. Sam

    She is a parent of one of my students and she seems to have the resources for everything. She is also a fighter and is willing to fight for what she thinks is right. I want her on my team. I am going to ask her this week if she has any resources that maybe I had no idea existed.

    7. Find a School Mediator

    I have complained about my job so much to my therapist. She told me that I should be on the side of the school and try to get the parent on board because if not it will mean a lot more work for me. The mediator will usually get their way but the amount of work I will have to do will be frustrating. I want to know about this work that maybe I should be doing this whole time.

    8. Find an East Coast Preschool Teacher

    I asked Josh where I should teach where they are doing special education right. He said the east coast. The parents sued the school districts and got some results. I want to know what those teachers do.

    9. A parent of a an older child who has been through the system successfully

    I want to talk to a parent who has managed the system and feels like their child is thriving with the services that they received. I want to know the past they took.

    10. Podcast on Special Edcuation

    I need to find a podcast on special education for parents. I know there is one. There are podcasts for everything.

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