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10 People Who Have Been Role Models To You In Your Life And Why.

This is a thought provoking prompt. Lets see where it goes.

    1. Bill West

    Bill was my bigger than life boss at WZYP Huntsville. He taught me as a leader - you need to do the things you ask your staff to do. I remember pulling up to the station one afternoon and there he was outside in shirt and tie washing the station vehicle by himself.

    2. Fred Rogers

    I grew up with Mr. Rogers. I fell in love with him more as an adult. He had a quiet charming style, loved teaching and encouraging kids - and a deep faith. He liked me just the way I am.

    3. My dad

    I always respected my dad, but we weren't close when I was a kid.

    Dad didn't understand his "artsy" son. He's a banker - good with numbers. I'm a creative.
    It was like oil and water.


    When Dad was merged out of his job in banking and had to move the family to Phoenix my freshman year of college - something changed in him.The first time I saw my dad cry was that November when I came home for Thanksgiving.

    Since then, Dad and I have really grown closer in our relationship.

    4. Ronald Reagan

    Reagan was the first president I really remember.
    He was a man of faith.
    He was a good communicator, and even if people didn't agree with him, they liked him.

    5. John Wooden

    If I played basketball, I would've wanted to play for John Wooden.
    He didn't just coach - he was a teacher of his "student-athletes"
    He was married to Nellie for 53 years.
    Every month, after she passed, he would write a letter to her and put it on her pillow.

    6. Denny H.

    Denny began as my sponsor. He has become my friend and brother.
    Love that guy.

    7. Dawson McAllister

    Dawson was the first person I worked for in Christian Radio Ministry. I learned many things from Dawson about Christian radio and working with teenagers.

    8. Jack Romano

    Jack was the Artistic Director of StageDoor Manor in the Catskill mountains in Loch Sheldrake, New York.

    As a kid from Kansas, I was lucky to spend a couple weeks at the camp one summer. He encouraged me to keep going - telling me that I had "something special" when I was on stage.

    (I learned later that Jack said that to many of the kids who went thru StageDoor - Still, it meant alot to me at the time!)

    9. Jimmy Steele

    Jimmy hired me to work at WRVW Nashville (107-5 the River).

    He gave me a shot as the new night guy on the station. It was mid-2000. Because of that move, I met my future wife.

    Jimmy taught me how to do good Top40 Radio..he also promoted me to Imaging Director - so I started spending more time in the production studio than on air - which led to more Voiceover work.

    10. Ryan Seacrest

    1/2 Jealous. 1/2 Role Model.

    Ryan is my Age.
    But he has been a pioneer in the Broadcast industry.

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