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10 People Who Have Been Role Models To You In Your Life And Why.

Using a prompt. These are the most influential people who I've followed or read books from. Some are alive some dead. But They've been a big influence in my life.

    1. Russell Brunson

    I started following Russell way before the clickfunnels days. Like in the Dotcomsecrets X days back in 2011. This guy has been a great business influence

    2. Perry Marshall

    80/20 sales and marketing changed the way I look at business

    3. James Altucher

    I've LOVED every one of his books. Helps bring out my more creative side

    4. Grant Cardone

    I first got his book on closing a sale. I used it to immediately close several sales that were bigger and faster than other one's I'd done before. I recently liked his audiobook The 10X mentor

    5. Noah Kagan

    I really like a idea he taught called the law of 100 where you stick to something for 100 days, 100 posts, 100 videos etc. You can really get good at something if you do it 100 times. Also his business validation ideas are great.

    6. Alex Hormozi

    The Book $100 Million Dollar Offers helped me structure offers in my business. It's been a major improvement

    7. Shawn Achor

    Loved his book Before Happiness. It's really a success manual, but one that will make you happy too.

    8. Alex Berman

    Learned all about cold email from him. It's been great for business.

    9. Dale Carnegie

    I'm a worrier. The Book How To Stop Worrying and Start Living is one I think of pretty much every day.

    10. Napoleon Hill

    I think of the Magic Ladder of Success all the time.

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