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10 perks of conversations with loved ones

My voice has been gone this week, so I've been missing chatting with loved ones. I figured it was worth taking the time to think about why I like chatting so much, to see if I can get at any of these individual elements while talking isn't physically possible.

    1. Laughter

    My favorite! Laughing deeply and unabashedly with people I care about is a feeling of glee that can't be matched.

    2. Hearing people's unfiltered thoughts

    Most people in life will apply some sort of a filter when talking to others (and yes, I know this isn't true of that one totally zero-filter person we all happen to know). Although it can be annoying, I appreciate knowing that there are people who will tell me things straight up.

    3. Helps me work out what I truly feel

    Sometimes I feel like certain friends and family know me better than I know myself. It's incredible. By talking to them, I tease out my feelings, my emotions, and what's important to me.

    4. Stress relief

    I know this doesn't apply to everyone, but for me, chatting is such great stress relief. I think it's both the act of chatting and the comfort of knowing that I have friends and loved ones. Plus, there's something cathartic about *a bit* of complaining.

    5. It's easier to make sense of problems and think things through

    Some of my friends do this more than others, but I love how they'll patiently listen to me lay out challenges I'm facing and help me strategize about my approach, the resources I'm using, and additional questions I can ask.

    6. Getting introduced to new ideas

    I have a very diverse group of loved ones that I've collected since living in 5 different countries in the past 5 years. Plus, there's my whole family. Put together, my group of loved ones encompasses so many different histories, languages, religions, political views, experiences, and passions that I'm constantly learning new things. It is such a privilege.

    7. A reminder that I'm a part of a community

    I once heard it said that people feel best when they're part of a tribe. Now, I don't know that I really agree with this, but I will say that it feels good to be able to connect with people over commonalities. It helps with bonding.

    8. I become a better storyteller

    Storytelling is most definitley a skill. Through long conversations, I'm able to practice it more and more.

    9. I feel more connected to those I care about

    I can't believe it took me so long to arrive at this point, when it's near the top in terms of importance. Hearing a loved one's voice, being reminded of the quirks of their personality, and being able to lend and ear and help them is so rewarding.

    10. I'm better at speaking on the phone

    Speaking on the phone is basically the bane of my generation, but I'm actually pretty comfortable with it. I attribute thsi comfort to the sheer amount of time I spend chatting.

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