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10 phrases you can use that convey detachment and non-judgment (1 min 37 sec read)

The phrase "Is that so" carries significant power because of its inherent qualities of acceptance, non-reactivity, and non-judgment.
If "is that so" doesn't resonate with you, here are 10 alternative phrases you can consider using.
All of these phrases can be used to acknowledge what someone is saying without getting emotionally involved.
They convey a level of openness and curiosity without judgment, which is necessary in avoiding unnecessary conflicts.

    1. "Interesting."

    2. "I see."

    3. "Hmm, I understand."

    4. "Fascinating."

    5. "Tell me more."

    6. "I appreciate your input."

    7. "That's a unique way of looking at it."

    8. "I hear you."

    9. "I understand where you're coming from."

    10. "That's an interesting perspective."

    11. What benefits can you anticipate from incorporating these phrases into your life?

    Non-reactivity: By responding with "I understand where you're coming from," we create space for understanding and avoid impulsive reactions in challenging situations.
    Acceptance: "That's an interesting perspective" embodies radical acceptance, acknowledging reality without resistance or judgment.
    Non-judgment: These phrases suspend judgment, allowing for a broader understanding of situations and promoting compassion.
    Liberation from attachment: "I appreciate your input" invites the release of attachment to outcomes, enabling us to embrace the present moment and go with the flow.
    Invitation for self-reflection: These phrases prompt introspection, shifting focus inward for personal growth and heightened self-awareness.
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