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10 Pieces Of Real Advice For Recent Graduates

    1. You just wasted the last decade of your life. Now you gotta play "Catch Up".

    In school, you were taught a bunch of mostly useless stuff. And they never taught you the stuff you'll REALLY need to live the good life. So now you gotta learn it all from scratch.

    2. First learn how to learn.

    The first thing they should've taught you was how to learn and how to use your brain effectively. They didn't. So you need to learn it yourself. Speed reading, brain training, and memory training are good places to start.

    3. Then never stop learning.

    Most people graduate and never read another book for the rest of their lives. Don't be that guy. Or gal. Like I said, they taught you practically nothing in school. If you stop learning now, you're gonna be an idiot your whole life. Now's the time when you really need to start learning.

    4. Discover your strengths, discover your passions.

    I talked about this in another post:


    Most people go their whole life not knowing this. I mean, why? Basically, if you don't know what you're good at... and you don't know what you're passionate about... then how do you know what's going to make you happy, and what fields you should or should not get into?

    5. Working a job is a waste of time.

    Unless you're doing it because it's something you're truly passionate about. Or you're just doing it to pick up skills. Why on earth would you want to work a job, when you can make more money in a single day running your own business from your laptop or phone, working anywhere in the world, than most people would make their whole life working a job?

    6. Almost everyone is wrong about everything.

    Including all your teachers. In school. Unless you were lucky and your teachers were all successful billionaires, Olympic athletes, and relationship experts. That's why you gotta tune out everything you read and only...

    7. Learn from the best, and ignore the rest.

    Only learn from people who are getting the results you want to be getting. Ignore 99.9% of the "experts" or "scientists" out there who think everything they disagree with is "fake news" when they can't even get results themselves.

    8. Master the art of health and long living. Then master the art of making money.

    In that order. Because without health, you ain't getting nothing done.

    9. Time trumps money by the way. So master the art of time management.

    Which basically is a misnomer, because you can't manage time... you can only manage yourself. But before you can manage yourself, you need to understand yourself. And you need to understand how you work best and what works best for you.

    10. Experiment. And don't be afraid of making small mistakes. But be very afraid of making BIG mistakes.

    Most people rely on research and live their whole life by the numbers... when experiments actually show that... 50% of all research is flawed! Experimentation trumps research. Who cares if it doesn't work for anyone else if it works for you?

    That being said, you don't want to live your life making big mistakes. Small mistakes are ok. But big mistakes can be avoided. You don't have to touch fire to know that you'll get burned. Your brain is a simulation machine. And your speed of success depends on the speed at which you can simulate reality in your mind without actually carrying it out.

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