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10 places to visit in Paris

I'm composing a list of my own, in the spirit of @nicolafisher's recent list!

NB. "Paris" = the entire metropolitan area

    1. The Basilica of Saint-Denis

    Convincingly better than Notre Dame (even before the fire), and much less crowded too. The neighborhood is a bit far, but it's well worth the trip

    2. Le BHV Marais

    A fun department store carrying lots of cute French brands. A bit pricey, but a good one-stop shopping destination.

    3. Giverny

    In the spring - early fall, head to the village of Giverny via regional train (40 mins outside of Paris) to see Monet's gardens and house.

    4. La Bellevilleoise

    An extremely fun and dynamic nightclub located in the Ménilmontant neighborhood, and typically filled with locals.

    5. Le Comptoir Général

    My second-favorite nightclub. It's always packed, but it's so fun.

    6. Père Lachaise Cemetery

    This one might be more well-known, since many famous people are laid to rest here, but the cemetery grounds are beautiful. It's a lovely place for a walk.

    7. The Rue Georges Lardennois

    Another recommendation in northeastern Paris. This is probably my favorite panoramic view of the city, especially by night.

    8. Cafe A Gare de L'Est

    One of my favorite cafes, although it's not exactly a traditional vibe. They'll never kick you out, and you can work all day. The coffee is good, as is lunch.

    9. Chez Gladines

    I think there are 5 Chez Gladines restaurants in Paris, and they're all incredibly good. If you're looking for Basque food that's quite inexpensive but tasty, you can't go wrong here.

    10. The Grande Mosquée de Paris

    I love coming here for afternoon tea (and if you like couscous, I hear it's great too), and they also have a nice hammam if you're looking for a reasonably-priced spa experience.

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