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10 places where I could teach comedy writing or funny copywriting

10 places where I could teach comedy writing or funny copywriting

    1. Writing schools

    2. Marketing / Business conferences

    3. Some local cultural venue that would welcome something new

    4. Marketing schools / courses

    5. Local comedy communities around the world

    I'm not the most qualified stand up comedian but I have specific comedy writing skills to teach that could be interesting to stand up comedians who are interested in comedy writing outside of stand up. There might be a demand in growing English-speaking scenes in Europe and around the world. I met a Dutch guy who was teaching comedy classes in the Netherlands (they have a really good comedy scene there, all around the country).

    6. Journalism schools in French-speaking countries

    I write for Le Gorafi, which is the French equivalent of The Onion. It's very popular in France and quite well-known in other French-speaking countries as well. I know the founder sometimes speaks at different sorts of events to talk about satire and stuff like that. I'm not sure I'd be interested in getting into the details of what satire represents etc., but maybe they might be interested in how to add some humor to their writing from the perspective of "spoof news".

    Not quite sure I would do it though. I wouldn't want to be mistaken as a representative of Le Gorafi, which I'm absolutely not. Still, it's an idea, and might be doable in theory.

    7. Marketing agencies

    8. Schools

    Why not teach kids and teenagers? I'd be open to doing this even for free.

    9. Volunteer organizations

    This was on the table with one organization, but I've been postponing watching their mandatory course for months.

    10. Cultural festivals

    I guess this could be anything that would welcome something a bit out of the box. I'm not sure what I mean by "cultural festivals".

    11. Library

    I met a woman from Russia who said she was putting up tons of events at her local library back in her country. It sounded so easy.

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