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10 Podcasts I could start

I've been thinking about starting a podcast for a few years but I don't know what topic I should choose.

A few ideas I can think of today

10 Podcasts I could start

    1. Raising boys

    - Advice on how to parent & raise boys

    - Stories from boy parents

    - How does raising boys differ from raising girls

    2. Parenting a thriving learner

    - Talk to educators and experts on how parents can help their children enjoy their learning.

    - Share different education models and options. 

    - How can parents drive much needed change with our education system.

    3. Following your own path

    - Interview people who have achieved success in their lives by not following the traditional or expected path.

    - Share how we can all follow our own path.

    - Examples of different paths.

    4. Another way to do health

    - Tips on how to be healthier.

    - Natural remedies for health problems.

    - Alternatives to western medicine.

    5. Making life easier with tech

    - How can we make our lives easier by using tech

    - Tech tips & tricks.

    - Learn about new tech & how people can use it.

    6. F**k Botox!

    - Information that the beauty industry doesn't want people to know.

    - How to embrace aging.

    - Natural aging tips.

    7. You Do You

    - Different tools, systems, tests etc that can help you better understand yourself.

    - Common challenges people have with being themselves. 

    - How we are conditioned to not be the real us.

    8. Diving into Death

    - How different cultures and religions approach death.

    - Dealing with death & the fear of death.

    - Stories that can change how we think of death.

    9. Human Design for parents

    - How Human Design can help us be better parents.

    - Ask HD experts specific questions about parenting.

    - Human Design advice for specific types, profiles etc.

    10. A Better Way Is Possible

    - Interview experts to share their proposed solution to a current problem that individuals, industries, communities or countries are experiencing.

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